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Welcome to our home page and to the information on Asia Mission Center International (AMC). 

Message from the President:

"For over a decade of ministry, Asian people have been my life! In 1988 God put it on my heart to start Asia Mission Center International. I have not looked back since. We have watched countless Asian people over the years transform their lives through the power of Jesus Christ. I thank each and everyone who helps us. We have a great vision. Every day we see miracles happen in this mission. What a great privilege we have! I hope you will join us."

Joseph Benny, MDiv.

The Organization and Vision
Asia Mission Center International is an interdenominational, Christ centered, biblically based, evangelical mission organization. It was founded in 1988 in India to reach 3 billion people in Asia with the Word of Jesus Christ. The International office is located in Toronto, Canada under the leadership of Joseph Benny and a Board of Directors. The organization is a faith ministry, which sends 100% of all donations directly to the mission field. Administrative staff raises their own support in order to fund the organization expenses. To educate, equip and support national Christian leaders to serve the Asian community so that the unreached will know the gospel of Christ.

Why work with national leaders?
National leaders are “ready made” to reach their own people. They know the language, the culture, the environment and most importantly, they are the ones who will remain to do the work in their homeland. Working with national leaders is the most cost effective way to reach the unreached. For a leader who comes out of his local area, AMC can provide accommodation, food, transportation and training. A leader goes to a new mission location to plant a church, he, and his family, can be supported by Asia Mission Center.

Goals and Objectives
To prepare, support and encourage 10,000 national Christian leaders over a 10 year period who will evangelize and establish Biblically based and culturally relevant churches.  We will lead the Body of Christ in Asia through Godly leadership and works of service.  

Strategic Direction
AMC brings experienced and professional instructors from the west to lead intensive training seminars that equip and prepare national leaders for their role of evangelizing their community.

AMC provides funds to support national leaders so they can focus on the task of leading in their area.

AMC provides supervised ministry opportunities to help students apply what they have learned.

Training and equipping conferences in the country where the national leaders will be working.

Support through the adopt- a-leader program, which will sustain a leader and his family.

Printing Bibles locally, which can be done at a significantly lower price than importing.

Donating bicycles to enable the national leader to get around his community.

In the longer run, a training conference center in Asia to continuously train and equip national leaders and students.

The goal is to reach a point where Asian nationals will take responsibility for training and equipping their own people in a self-sustaining process.

The Training
Trainers from North America, who are experts in their fields, will teach on the following subjects: Preaching Church Planting Pastoral Skills Evangelism and discipleship Christian counseling Administration and time management

Needs in India
Out of 900 million people, over 650 million have never heard the gospel preached. Currently, evangelical Christians represent less than 1% of the population. Less than one out of every 100 people have their own Bible.

Update to Friends and Supporters                                                                                                                            Significant Breakthroughs in Village Evangelism 

Seven years ago a young man, recently graduated from Tyndale Seminary, had a God-given vision to reach the village people of his native India with the gospel.  There are close to 100,000 villages with hundreds of millions of people who have never heard even the name of Jesus.

Five years ago, Joseph along with two Canadian Pastors held a pastors’ conference in South India, looking for evangelists who had been called by God to take the gospel to North Indian villages

Three years ago, a young Indian pastor who had been teaching at a Bible College joined Asia Mission Centre to set up a training program which would help prepare Indian Bible School Graduates for the cross cultural challenges that ministry in North India would bring.

A bit more than year ago, Asia Mission Centre held its first graduation and commissioning service for 23 evangelists/church planters who were ready to go to North India.

A year ago, one of the AMC evangelists “disappeared” emphasizing the dangers of ministry in the hostile northern states.  We all realized that some of these missionaries would pay with their lives in order to take the gospel to the villages.

Last month, Asia Mission Centre, held its first, three-day staff conference in North India.  Over 60 evangelist/church planters attended. Other pastors and supporters from the State of Chhattisgahr brought the numbers to close to one hundred.

God is at work in India. Through Asia Mission Centre and many other missions, the word is going out.  Who can predict what this report will include next year? …five years from now? 

Asia Mission Centre is working to build a bridge of support between Canadian Christians and Indians who want to take the message to the unreached villages of their own country.  We are working to find individuals and churches who will pray for this work and invest $125 per month, enough to support an Indian evangelist and his family. 

Please read more about our latest conference and ministry report.

                                  CHATTISGARH STATE
This is a new state in North India, it was separated from Madhya Pradesh in 2000.  It lies just west of Orissa at about the widest point of India.  The population of the State is over 20 million; of these about 16 million live in the rural areas.

Development in the state is amazing.  Literacy is expanding rapidly and people are hungry for ideas.  The most common language is Hindi

Now is the time to reach out to the village people.

The AMC Team

The initial group of 20 graduates has grown to close to 60.  Some of these are from North India and are fluent in Hindi.  Those from South India are progressing quickly in the Hindi language.

Four team leaders with ministry experience lead their own teams of about 15 evangelists.  Each evangelist works in a few villages.  Some team members are working even though AMC currently provides no financial support.

The Reports

Each of the church planters can report a number of families or homes where they are being received. Most can report several baptisms (a major step of public identification with Christ that can result in being cut off from government benefits).  A few reported that there is already a need for a church building.

The Conference

In the State Capital of Raipur a Christian brother who owns a conference centre, provided us with a safe meeting place.  The Indian pastors were accommodated “dormitory style”

Dr. Ken Quick, a Board member and Professor at Capital Seminary in Washington D.C. was the primary speaker.  He dealt with the work of Jesus in bringing reconciliation.  In the Indian context, it is important that new churches start out with a strong commitment to breaking down barriers that exist between classes and cultures.

Other ministry was given by Joseph Benny, President of Asia Mission; Wesly Joseph and Eldo Thomas, two Indian leaders with experience in village evangelism, and Malcolm Seath, Chairman of AMC.

The goal of the conference was to feed and encourage, courageous, young (for the most part) committed workers who, by nature of their work, spend so much of their time with very little contact with other Christians and face constant opposition. A highlight for almost everyone was a communion service where we could share together in the realities of Christ’s love.

The Need

Right now AMC needs:

 $7,500 per month for the support of 60 church planters.  

 $7,000 each for several Church buildings.

 $50.00 each for bicycles for some of the evangelists.

How YOU can help

 · Please PRAY for us.  Build Asia Mission Centre Church Planters into your personal prayer schedule.  Visit our WebPage regularly for updated information.  

 ·Tell your Pastor and your church’s mission committee about AMC.  Ask if there is any way your church could assist.  Ask if Joseph Benny or a Board Member could meet with them to provide more information.  Arrangements can be made to speak to a Sunday School class, a Church Service, a Missions conference.

 · Ask your Cell Group, Sunday School class, or any other group of friends to consider supporting a church planter for a year. 

 · Decide whether your family could invest through monthly support or a one-time donation for a bicycle or even a building?

 · Above all please pray for India.  Hundreds of millions of people are waiting to hear the gospel.  Local Christians are already taking the gospel to unreached villages.  They need our support.
Contact us:
Asia Mission Centre
534 Gardenview Square,
Pickering, ON, L1V 4R6

Tel. # (416) 265-0422 or Cell 647-886-4590

Financial Support:
We are accepting credit cards and automatic banking online donations through CanadaHelp.org or mail post dated cheques to the Mission Office.

What's an Executive/Home Briefing?
A 30 minute presentation about Asia Mission Centre International given to 10-15 people over lunch, dinner, or at a meeting.  Invite colleagues and staff to a meeting at your office over the lunch hour, or invite family and friends to your home to hear about Asia Mission Centre International.  You invite the people and we will provide the meal and a dynamic presentation. We guarantee to be short, interesting and to provide you with real solutions to help unreached around the Asia.  Executive briefings can be made to fit your timeline and schedule.

To arrange for an executive or home briefing, please contact (416)265-0422  or cell. 647 886-4590.

e-mail Josephbenny@asiamission.org

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