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Dr. Kenneth Quick

Kenneth B. Quick, D.Min.                                                         Vice-Chairman of Asia Mission Centre International                                                        

    While a narcotics dealer his freshman year at the University of Maryland, during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, Ken met the Lord Jesus Christ through the efforts of a faithful student evangelist in Campus Crusade for Christ. His life changed dramatically after conversion.

    After three years of being discipled and discipling at the U of Md., he felt God’s call to go to Dallas Seminary and prepare for pastoral ministry. Upon graduation in 1977, God called him as Senior Pastor of Mt. Morris Community Church in Flint, Michigan. Thus his real education began! Ten fruitful years of ministry saw a daughter church planted, a 4:00 a.m. Bible study for autoworkers and engineering students with 25 in regular attendance, his first doctoral work and a writing ministry begin.

    In 1987 God called Ken to Toronto, Canada to be the pastor of Parkway Bible Church, a highly multicultural ministry. In Ken’s church of 400, there were 50+ languages spoken other than English. The writing ministry increased, with numerous articles about the ups and downs of pastoral ministry published in Leadership Journal.

    Opportunities for ministry increased, both in North America and overseas, primarily in Mexico and India. With a team of church leaders, Ken also developed a vision for congregational multiplication through his church.

    Then, through a series of excruciating events, the vision collapsed. Ken contemplated leaving pastoral ministry and went to get a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy in order to become a counselor. In the course of getting this second doctorate, God performed a work of healing in his own heart, and then in the church’s heart. This work of healing and reconciliation became the basis for the book Healing the Heart of Your Church (ChurchSmart Resources: 2003). He also has begun a consulting organization called Church Cardiology to help churches with historic dysfunction.

    God called Ken to Capital Bible Seminary in 2000 as the Chair of the Practical Theology Department and Director of the Ministry Leadership Program. As he tells his students preparing for pastoral ministry, he learned far more from making mistakes than from wild successes in ministry. It is the mistakes—and learning from them—that has qualified him to teach the next generation of leaders. Ken also works as a part time pastor for a wonderful multicultural church in Columbia, Maryland called Bridgeway Community Church.

    The courses Ken teaches are: Techniques of Bible Study, Hermeneutics, Pastoral Ministry, Church and Community Exegesis, Sermon Preparation, Sermon Delivery, Christian Life and Witness, and General Epistles and Revelation.

    When he has free time, Ken loves to spend it with his wife, Diane, as well as golfing and  fishing.  

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