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Joseph Benny
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Joseph's Story

Joseph Benny was born in Ranny, State of Kerala, India. At the age of eight, Joseph was pronounced dead in an Indian hospital. When his parents heard the news, they kneeled before God and prayed, “Lord, if you give Joseph back his life, we will dedicate him to your service”. Within one hour, a nurse walked into his hospital room and found Joseph alive. Shortly thereafter, Joseph invited Jesus into his life as his Lord. At school, Joseph was searching for truth. He studied all major religions including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and communism, but throughout this journey he was looking for a sign from God. In 1988, he became paralyzed from the waist down as the result of an accident. His local Christian church prayed for him and at the same time, Joseph said to God, “if you heal me, I will be your servant and I will be your witness wherever you send me.” Miraculously the Lord healed him and Joseph dedicated himself to serve Jesus for the rest of his life.

In the following months, Joseph fasted and prayed asking for vision for his life. God gave him a five fold plan for his life which included the following steps: 1) to obtain local bible education, 2) to go to northern India as a pioneer missionary, 3) then, to pursue overseas cross-cultural missions, 4) to then seek higher Christian education in North America and finally 5) to establish a center in Asia for the training and equipping of all Asian countries. 

To date, God’s vision has unfolded according to plan. Joseph completed a bachelor of Theology degree at Filadelfia Bible College in Rajastan, north India in 1991. During the summers, he traveled throughout India preaching the Word, and he went to the most difficult place in north India. Where he planted three churches. He developed and traveled with several teams of evangelists who brought the Word of God to many tribes.

Upon graduation, Joseph heard from the Lord that he should go to Papua New Guinea for training at the International Mission Center, called Bethel Christian Center. After his training, he worked as an associate pastor for Christian Revival Crusade in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and he spent two months in the interior where he contracted malaria. 

The Lord brought him out of his illness and led him in 1993 to North America for leadership training at the Lamp Institute in Orillia, Canada. Under the Lamp Institute, Joseph learned the principles of leadership for church, family, government and business. 

In 1994, Joseph started his MDiv at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada and graduated in 1998 with a master’s degree in counseling. At the same time, Joseph worked in Toronto as a south Asian ministry leader.

Today, Joseph is fulfilling the fifth stage of the vision he received. He stepped down from a job with Coca-Cola Canada to work full-time as the International Director of the Asian Mission Center International. He is committed to work with leaders from North America and Asia as a bridge to bring the Word of God to Asia.

Joseph and his wife Dr. Reeni Benny is also busy with their dental office located at Scarborough,ON. Canada. For more information about the dental practice you can visit www.smilesite.com/drbenny.

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